Caser: Blitzpack Robot BE50/H-T from Kettner

No.: 1290 | Category: Casers/Uncasers

year: 1996
capacity: approx 350 cycles / h

  • with 9 heads (long side leading)
  • double lane
  • incl. 2 magazines
  • incl. infeed conveyor with one drive station

Presently equipped for handling of 3 x 4 = 12 x 1,0l PET bottles / crate. Including 1 additional set of heads for 10 x 1,5l PET bottles / crate.

Including mechanical and electrical overhaul


- Replacement of all drives and drive motors by new ones
- Replacement of all ball bearings by new ones
- Overhaul of the bottle table incl. new drives, incl. new drive wheels and new guide rollers for the chains, incl. new ball bearings as well as new slat chains and wear strips
- Overhaul of the crate conveyor incl. new bearings, incl. new drive with gear as well as incl. complete overhaul of the crate stopper
- Checking of all grease pipes and replacement of faulty pipes


- Delivery of a new electrical panel in stainless steel incl. new Siemens S7 PLC, incl. new frequency converters for frequency driven drives
- Replacement of the complete cabling
- Renewal of the complete electrical hardware such as proximitiy switches, light barriers etc.
- Renewal of the complete safety system / Adjustment to the latest standard


- Cleaning of the complete machine
- Lacquering of the machine according to customer’s requirements

Test Run:

- Upon completion of above-mentioned works we will carry out a test in our workshop as far as possible.
Packing Heads:

- New packing heads are not yet included in our price and may be offered separately.

PRICE (net)
Caser overhauled (excl. new packing heads):               
EUR 137.000,00