Canning Line from KHS

No.: 1342.6 | Category: Filling Lines

Capacity: approx 80.000 x 0,33l cans / h (at 12-15°C in the can)
Product: carbonated soft drinks

consisting of the following aggregates:

1 Empty Can Depalletizer
make: KHS
type: Markant S2-1 ASH-TP
year: 1990

Empty Can Conveyor
between empty can depalletizer and rinser
make: Angelus
year: 1990

1 Jet Stream
(before and after the rinser)
make: KHS
year: 1990

1 Premixing Unit
make: KHS
type: Paramix 36000 CM 40
year: 1991

  • with new Siemens S7 PLC


1 Brix- and CO2 Analyzer
make: Maselli
type: IBO5 / UCO4

1 Rinser
(for chlorinated water)
make: KHS
year: 1991

1 Can Filler
make: KHS
type: 4 SVF 120 / D
year: 1991

  • incl. platform

1 Can Seamer
make: Angelus
type: 121 L (202)
year: 1991

1 Cap Supply (fully automatic)
make: CSW
type: End Feed System 54-MF-10
year: 1999

Full Can Conveyors
from filler to traypacker

è Traypacker not included

è Pack conveyors from traypacker to palletizer not included, offer may be submitted upon request

1 Palletizer
Suitable for handling of trays and cartons on
EURO pallet 1200 x 800 mm (long side leading), industrial pallet 1200 x 1000 mm
and half pallet 600 x 800 mm.

make: Kettner
type: Pressant Universal Duplex 2N
year: 1996
capacity: approx 3.750 trays / h