Palletizer / Depalletizer from Kettner

No.: 1412 | Category: Packers/Palletizers

Dry Part

Capacity:  4.000 crates/ h (at palletizer / depalletizer)

Presently equipped for:

0,50l GdB Kropfhals
0,70l Zwiebelhalsflasche
0,75l Heilwasserflasche
1,00l GdB Leichtglasflasche
1,25l GdB Leichtglasflasche

GdB crate with 12 bottles, short side leading
GdB crate with 20 bottles, short side leading

EURO pallet 1200 x 800 mm

consisting of:

1 Depalletizer

make: Kettner           
type: Pressant Duplex 2NT 1136
year: 2000

1 Palletizer

make: Kettner           
type: Pressant Duplex 2NT 1176
year: 2000

1 Pallet Pressure Control

make: Kettner           
year: 2000                                      

1 Empty Pallet Magazine

make: Kettner           
type:  ST
year: 2000

1 Empty Pallet Magazine

make: Kettner           
year: 2000

1 Pallet Destrapper

make: Born
type: PAE
year: 1986

Crate Conveying System

make:  Krones
type: Multicon

Pallet Conveying System

make: Kettner