Dry Part from Various

No.: 1415 | Category: Packers/Palletizers

Presently equipped for:

0,50l PET bottle non-returnable
0,75l PET bottle non-returnable
1,00l PET bottle non-returnable
1,50l PET bottle non-returnable

6 x 0,50l bt. shrinked in foil, on tray with 18 or 24 bottles
6 x 0,75l bt. shrinked in foil, on tray with 15 bottles
6 x 1,00l bt. shrinked in foil, on tray
6 x 1,50l bt. shrinked in foil, on tray

approx 22.900 bt. / h (tray with 15 bottles)  
approx 27.500 bt. / h (tray with 18 bottles)
approx 36.650 bt. / h (tray with 24 bottles)                                   

Siemens S7

EURO pallet 1200 x 800 mm

consisting of:

1 Traypacker

make: Pactec
type: PTF28W
year: 2006
capacity: max. 28 packs / min.

  • incl. guide lanes

1 Shrinkwrapper with Shrinktunnel

make: Kallfass
type: Super Wrap 650 De Luxe In-Line
year: 2006

1 Palletizer with Intermediate Layer Insertion

make: Zecchetti
type: PAL 1000 BR CF
year: 1989           

  • Jalousie head
  • with intermediate layer magazine suitable for EURO and half pallets

1 Pallet Magazine

make: Krones
year: 2000
PLC: Siemens S7

1 Pallet Stretch Wrapper

make: Strema
year: 2009