Bottle Washer SPECIAL PRICE € 275.000,00: Lavatec D4.CS.EQ249 from Krones

No.: 1427 | Category: Bottle Washers

Double End

make:                          Krones
type:                            Lavatec D4.CS.EQ249
year:                            2011
pitch:                           95 mm
PLC:                             Siemens S7
capacity:                      up to 29.000 bt. / h    
operating hours.:         under 20.000

- 22 bottle cells / carrier
- multi-section version
- infeed, discharge as well as pre- and post treatment zones in stainless steel
- partly insulated
- warm water heating
- label removal and label press

Presently equipped for handling of 0,25l and 0,75l bottles.
Suitable for handling of glass bottles with a diameter of min. 54 mm / max. 80 mm and a length of min. 150 mm / max. 299 mm.