PET Filler: Innofill DRV VF/N PET 120/20 SV from KHS

No.: 749 | Category: Fillers

for filling of mineral water and soft drinks

year: 2007
working direction: right – left
pitch: 113 mm


approx 42.500 x 0,5l PET bt. / h (non returnable)
approx 30.000 x 1,5l PET bt. / h (non returnable)
approx 22.500 x 2,0l PET bt. / h (non returnable)

  • neckhandling
  • with 120 filling valves with 20-head screw capper
  • incl. cap sorting and supply system (make Gassner) 

Presently equipped for handling of 0,5l non returnable PET bottles.