PET Filling Line from Various

No.: 1426 | Category: Filling Lines

In excellent condition!

Capacity:        10.000 – 12.000 bt. / h
Oper. hours:    approx 11.000 h according to compresser hour meter
Year:               2006
Product:          Mineral water, soft drinks, juice, beer
Bottles:           Including handling parts for the following bottles as far as available: 0,5l PET / 1,0l PET  / 1,5l PET
Formate:         6 x 0,5l shrink pack (3 sixpacks on tray) / 6 x 1,0l shrink pack (2 sixpacks on tray) / 6 x 1,5l shrink pack

consisting of:

1 Compressor (Sterile Air)

make:              AF Compressors
type:                46SSG
year:                2006
m³ / h:             14,5
pressure:          40 bar

1 Blowmoulder

make:              Sidel
type:                SBO6 (6 cavities)
year:                2006

incl. preform supply
incl. cooling

1 Air Conveyor
from the blowmoulder to the filler

1 Rinser / Filler / Capper - Block

make:              Vipoll
type:                Visitron VK-E-40-50-10S PET
year:                2006

with vacuum pump
with Velcorin dosing
with nitrogen dosing for still beverages
with Heuft fill height and cap control
with lead out for under-filled bottles
with CIP caps
with Gassner cap supply
mit Rückgasrohren
handling of sport caps possible

1 Labeller (Hot Melt)

make:              Gernep
type:                Rollina 12 640H
year:                2006

for paper and plastic labels
with blower in front of the machine
with Heuft Basic label control and lead out
with Inkjet printer for best before date on bottle shoulder

1 Shrinkpacker for Sixpacks

make:              Dimac
type:                Star 30F
year:                2006

1 Traypacker

make:              Dimac
type:                Star TX 30
year:                2006

1 Handle Applicator for Sixpacks

make:              Comag
type:                H40/1
year:                2006

1 Palletizer / Depalletizer
for trays, shrinkpacks, cartons and crates

make:              BMS
type:                Unipal
year:                2006

equipped for EURO pallets 1200 x 800 mm
roll gripper head for trays and sixpacks
equipped for crates with 11 x 0,5l, 12 x 1,0l and 20 x 0,5l bottles
with turning station
with intermediate layer magazine

1 Pallet Stretch Wrapper

make:              Robopac
type:                Genesis
year:                2006

equipped for EURO pallets 1200 x 800 mm

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