Pallet Control SPECIAL PRICE € 19.800,00 from Schäfer

No.: 1416 | Category: Inspectors

Year: 2007
Capacity: 250 EURO pallets / h

Presently equipped for EURO pallets 1200 x 800 mm short side leading and half pallets 600 x 800 mm.


  • Cleaning of the pallets through a rotating brush


  • Roller pressure check for deck and running boards for detection of missing or broken boards and the pressure resistance of the blocks  
  • Check of the pallet width, length and height
  • Block scanning of the inner and outer blocks from both sides for completeness
  • Edge zone check of the deck and running boards‘ outer edges from the top and the bottom for damages and dimensional accuracy
  • Fork clearance
  • Deflection and nail connection check
  • Sorting of the checked pallets according to quality criterias (3 criterias: damaged pallets, usable pallets and pallets suitable for high rack storage)


  • Usable pallets and pallets suitable for high rack storage are running through a double nail roller to avoid damages of the goods by protruding nails.